January 18th International Day of  Compliments 

The International Day of  Compliments was created to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and skills of others. We recognise the importance of a compliment no matter how big or small, and therefore welcome you to join us for this eventful day of appreciation and celebration.


In today's modern world few things have a significant an impact as the messages we receive throughout our day, and the way those messages make us feel. A compliment can change the entire perception  a person has towards  themselves making  them feel stronger and more confident towards their future.

So why are kind words and remarks so few and far between for many of us? could it be that it is virtually impossible to find the time to pass on the simplest of compliments to one another?

If time is what holds us back, we need not be worried as time is spent how we choose to spend it." Don't complicate it, Compliment It.

A compliment can be just as easily remembered as saying Hello 

Email us TODAY! and join our campaign as we set-out to introduce to the " international day of Compliments to the world.  Make January 18th a day to be remembered 


We need 10,000 Signatures 

Join us and become one of the 10'000 supporters needed to globally establish the international day of compliments.

Help us to lift the hearts of thousands of people in times of doubt 

Help us to remind those who have lost their spark just how bright they shine

Help us to save lives by letting others know they are doing a good job. 

Help us to prevent suicide by magnifying the strengths of others. 

Help us to acknowledge the good deeds of others, raising their self-esteem and confidence.

Help us to encourage our friends and family to keep going and never give up.

Help us to spread the love to as many people as possible on January 18th 2019  International Day of Compliments 

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